Drug Eluting Coronary Stent System CoCr


Atlas, is a chromium-cobalt alloy (L605) stent system containing sirolimus particles used to open narrowed vessels in patients with coronary artery disease. It can be used both in cases of narrowing of the vessel for the first time (de novo lesion) and re-narrowing of the vessel with a stent (in-stent restenosis).


Stent Diameter    2.0 mm - 5.0 mm
Stent Lenght    8 mm - 40 mm
Catheter Lenght    140cm
Radiopasity    Pt-Ir Marker
Applicable Guidewire    0.014"
Stent Design    CoCr Laser Cutting
Nominal Pressure    10 atm
Rated Brust Pressure    20 atm
Drug/Quantity    Sirolimus 1µg/mm²

Atlas CoCr Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent System is a biodegradable polymer-coated cobalt chrome stent with a laser-cut design that releases sirolimus. Atlas CoCr Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent System is used in vessel diameters from 2.00 mm to 5.0 mm.

Detailed specifications

Including acute coronary syndrome acute myocardial infarction or unstable angina and/or concomitant diabetes mellitus to improve luminal diameter and reduce restenosis within the stent and at the stent edges in native coronary arteries, de novo chronic total coronary occlusions, and improving coronary artery luminal diameter in patients.

Atlas‘s delivery system minimizes the negative effects of the procedure, protecting the carina tip from being crushed or damaged they are applied in the following cases:

• Unsatisfactory result of a PTCA procedure (residual stenosis)

• Inner vessel membrane delamination

• Vessel wall elasticity disorders and pressure from the outside

Atlasstent system easily adapts its shape to the arterial wall and does not dislocate itself after deployment. The elasticity of the stent as well as the flexibility of the delivery system allows the use of Atlaseven in tortuous vessels.

The stent system is indicated reference vessel diameters of ≥ 2.25 mm to ≤ 4.25 mm and a lesion length of ≤ 27 mm


  • Made of CobaltCrome L605 laser cutting 
  • Increased conformability within unique open-cell design technology
  • Excellent radial force
  • The polymer layers release sirolimus in a time–the controlled process of their slow degradation, inhibiting the formation process.
  • High flexibility of the Atlas stent effects in excellent adaptation to vessel curvature
  • The special construction of the stent provides a good adhere to the arterial wall
  • Radiopaque markers on the stent endings allow precise implantation
  • The special construction of the delivery system makes to correction of stent position inside a vessel possible even after the partial stent release.
  • Optimized radial force to reduce thrombosis and neointima hyperplasia
  • Increased flexibility in severe bend situations
  • Precise deployment with a simplified single-operator system
  • Ideally fits the narrow and the tortuous lesions
  • Innovative coating for a consistent and controlled drug delivery
  • Superior flexibility and proven drug release


Balloon Diameter    2.0 mm - 5.0 mm
Balloon Lenght    10 mm, 15 mm, 17 mm, 20mm, 26 mm, 30mm
Catheter Shaft    RX
Catheter Lenght    120 cm,150 cm
Radiopasity    Pt-Ir Marker
Applicable Guidewire    0.014"
Drug/Quantity    Sirolimus 1µg/mm²
Diameter 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 15 mm 18 mm 22 mm 25 mm 29 mm 34 mm 36 mm 38 mm 40 mm
2.00 CR2008CC CR20010CC CR20012CC CR20015CC CR20018CC CR20022CC CR20025CC CR20029CC CR20034CC CR20036CC CR20038CC CR20040CC
2.25 CR2258CC CR22510CC CR22512CC CR22515CC CR22518CC CR22522CC CR22525CC CR22529CC CR22534CC CR22536CC CR22538CC CR22540CC
2.50 CR2508CC CR25010CC CR25012CC CR25015CC CR25018CC CR25022CC CR25025CC CR25029CC CR25034CC CR25036CC CR25038CC CR25040CC
2.75 CR2758CC CR27510CC CR27512CC CR27515CC CR27518CC CR27522CC CR27525CC CR27529CC CR27534CC CR27536CC CR27538CC CR27540CC
3.00 CR3008CC CR30010CC CR30012CC CR30015CC CR30018CC CR30022CC CR30025CC CR30029CC CR30034CC CR30036CC CR30038CC CR30040CC
3.25 CR3258CC CR32510CC CR32512CC CR32515CC CR32518CC CR32522CC CR32525CC CR32529CC CR32534CC CR32536CC CR32538CC CR32540CC
3.50 CR3508CC CR35010CC CR35012CC CR35015CC CR35018CC CR35022CC CR35025CC CR35029CC CR35034CC CR35036CC CR35038CC CR35040CC
3.75 CR3758CC CR37510CC CR37512CC CR37515CC CR37518CC CR37522CC CR37525CC CR37529CC CR37534CC CR37536CC CR37538CC CR37540CC
4.00 CR4008CC CR40010CC CR40012CC CR40015CC CR40018CC CR40022CC CR40025CC CR40029CC CR40034CC CR40036CC CR40038CC CR40040CC
4.50 CR4508CC CR45010CC CR45012CC CR45015CC CR45018CC CR45022CC CR45025CC CR45029CC CR45034CC CR45036CC CR45038CC CR45040CC
5.00 CR5008CC CR50010CC CR50012CC CR50015CC CR50018CC CR50022CC CR50025CC CR50029CC CR50034CC CR50036CC CR50038CC CR50040CC